The Extras

These posts don’t really fit into any of the series but were written for the pure love of all things biology.


The Biologists Birthday – The piece where I celebrated turning 21.

The Fish With A Lung – An article about the coelacanth fish that does in fact have a lung!

What Is Ecology? – Looking what actually is this thing I keep going on about.

Harry  Potter and The Kingdom of Plants – A little bit on the plants in the harry potter series

The 2015 Business Meeting – A summary of 2015 on ThatBiologist


An Offer You Can’t Refuse – A piece on Robert De Niros latest comments on vaccination.

Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of the plants – Looking a little closer at 3 plants from Middle Earth

I’m Back – Just a little update after taking a break.

Funny Monday Month

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Bamboozling bamboo – Bamboo is truly an incredible plant.

Plans For The Future – Updates to ThatBiologist!

Meeting Pickle – The story of how I met a Humboldt Penguin called Pickle!

Conservation Celebrations – Very occasionally we have cause to celebrate so I’ve listed a couple of my favourites

5 Truly Amazing Things about Cacti – Just as it says on the tin really!

5 Amazing things about christmas trees – Getting in the festive spirit!

The 2016 Business Meeting – A little review of the year!


Happy New Year!

2017 Plans – I’m super excited for this year and I had to let you know all about it!

Climate Change Basics – Everything you need to know about what climate change is and why it happens.

When You Go Down To The Woods Today – A piece about my writing for the woodland trust!


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Maybe should have been called blog almost every day in April!

 The Future of ThatBiologist – A blog about where I want to go with the blog and my patreon page!

Disney Effect Part 2 – Where is Nemo? – A blog following up from a post I made during VEDA.

Skip Class Not Concealer – My Thoughts – My views on a rubbishy campaign from a beauty brand

What makes something native? – We hear the word native quite a lot in conservation but what actually makes something native?

Some Thanks – With the end of my masters degree almost upon me I had a few people to thank!

ThatBiologist is Back – After a quick break, the blog is back!


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