About Laura

Hello! My name is Laura Cottam and I am 21 years old. I recently graduated from Bath 2Spa University in Biology. So hello my name is Laura Cottam BSc (Hons). I am the creator here at ThatBiologist!

I have always had a passion for science it is my true passion. Over the last three years of my degree I have developed a passion for science communications and so ThatBiologist was born.

I’m currently undertaking my conservation masters degree at UCL. I’m taking modules in indicators of environmental change, GIS and marine conservation currently. Although you can keep up with what I’m doing with my series entitled Becoming A Master.

Other Writing

I have written for my undergrad news letter – Leaves and Leather.

I am also currently a volunteer blogger for the Woodland Trust.

January – 9 things to do outdoors

February – How to Forage For Wild Garlic and Make Garlic Pesto

March – Why are Moths Attracted To The Light? and British Trees associated with Motherhood

May – Why do nettles sting? And do dock leaves really help?

Ways to Contact Me

If you would like to say hi and I would love to hear from you. Either fill out the form below, you can tweet me @thatbiologist or just drop me an email at thatbiologist@gmail.com

Feel free to connect with me on Linked In also: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/laura-cottam-03852194

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