24 Science #Goals in 24 Years


Hello! So this past Saturday I turned 24, I did so in style with lots of treats and lunch at the shard. I’ve seen a lot of people talking about their goals and what they want to achieve. This is natural given the new year and I’ve also seen a lot of my friends sharing their 30 before 30 lists but I thought to commemorate my birthday I would do something a little different.

It’s easy to continue pushing yourself to keep going and never look back on all you have achieved. So here is me, sharing 24 of my science goals that I’ve achieved in my 24 years.

  1. Graduated with a bachelors degree in Biology
  2. Have a masters degree in Conservation (Haven’t quite graduated from it though, I have to wait til the Summer for that)
  3. Created my own piece of scientific research – twice (thanks to my dissertation)
  4. Gone to a scientific conference – And not been too shy to speak up
  5. Write a scientific blog!
  6. Met astronauts and NASA engineers
  7. Been able to operate a microscope without any assistance and actually understand what I’m looking at!
  8. Complete water and soil analysis with usable results and didn’t destroy the lab in the meanwhile! (I did have one small disaster in my undergrad where I put a soil sample in the automated shaker, the pot wasn’t done up completely and a muddy mess went everywhere)
  9. Been able to identify numerous plant species correctly (including moss species)
  10. Been able to identify lots and lots and lots of freshwater invertebrate species
  11. I survived doing my a levels (I salute all of you who are doing them currently, A levels are really dang difficult!)
  12. Won an international prize for scientific research
  13. Have a job in the scientific world
  14. Write for the woodland trust!
  15. Complete field work in so many different kinds of places which include being almost flooded when working on a rocky shore in Cornwall, working next to an active quarry with actual explosions happening and working so high up on the mountains of Snowdonia that the air felt a bit thinner (it wasn’t so much the air but the hike to get that high up).
  16. Gone to ZSL debates to hear the worlds best and brightest minds talk
  17. Attended one of the worlds best universities
  18. Interviewed some incredible people
  19. Given presentations about my work to lots of different groups of people – which is always scary and always extremely rewarding
  20. Started taking real nature photography – A new hobby of mine which I am falling in love with!
  21. Became involved with the scientific community on a bigger scale
  22. Written two dissertations and countless other essays and reports that were good enough to get me my degrees!
  23. I know what photosynthesis is and how it works and stuff (please don’t ask me to explain it, it’s so complicated!)
  24. Developed a love that will hopefully last a lifetime

I can’t wait to see what the next 24 years brings to me in my scientific career! Let me know what your scientific achievements are and celebrate how far you’ve come!

ThatBiologist Everywhere!




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