ThatBiologist Series

ThatBiologist blog appears at least three times a week. It is based around my experiences as a recent Biology graduate as well as my interests in all things biology. The blog currently has 6 series listed below.

ThatBiologist Series

Becoming A Master – A series documenting from week to week what I’ve been up to in my masters degree in conservation at UCL. These appear every Sunday.

Mini Wikis – These blogs tend to focus on the biochemical world, currently we’re working from DNA outwards. They attempt to make these big and scary topics simple and easy to understand.

Fairyology – Okay this series is my little silly treat! It looks at the science of fairytales or more if there is a scientific explanation.

The Monthly Scientist – This comes at the end of each month, where I find an interesting scientist and give you a short version of their life story.

The Extras – These are the blogs that don’t really have a spot in one of my series but are interesting all the same and well worth taking a look at.

Under The Microscope – A little game where you have to guess whats going on in the picture!

Archived Series

The Poisons Collection – Poison especially when derived from plants is one of my favourite topics.

ThatBiologist Does Halloween – The spooky series!

6 Scientific Things in 60 Seconds or 6 in 60 – Does exactly what it says on the tin! Take a subject in the scope of biology then find out 6 things on that topic, which you can read in 60 seconds.

The Farmers Daughter – A series that started from an assignment back in my degree days that puts nature conservation into context of agriculture and the relationship between the two.

The Shark Tank – A solid week of all things shark!

If you’d like to find a little bit more about who I am and where I’ve come from feel free to look at my About Me page. If you’d like to say Hi! there are ways and means of contacting me there too.