The Poisons Collection


One of the areas I’m most interested in botany particularly are the plants that bite back. The poisons collection here on ThatBiologist contains information on a range of poisonous plants. This series finished in December 2015

Plants In The Collection

Poison Hemlock – Famous for causing the death of Socrates and the first to arrive in the collection Conuium maculatum is not to be messed with.

Yew Tree – This harmless looking tree is steeped in our history – as well as being highly poisonous!

Foxglove – This beautiful group of plants have stunning flowers. They are also deadly.

Angels Trumpet – Another truly beautiful group of plants with big flowers and the power to produce hallucinations.

Lily of the Valley – So what do Breaking Bad, Christianity and Wills n Kate have in common, well its got something to do with this flower.

Rhododendron – This is actual a genus but many of the species within it are highly poisonous.

Narcissus – The welsh wonder that is the daffodil!

Aconitum – Otherwise known as wolfs bane and an essential ingredient for every potion cupboard.

Atropa Belladonna – Could nightlock berries be real?

Oleander – The final poison in the collection – such a beautiful and deadly plant.