Could Werewolves Be Real?


Hello and welcome to another halloween post! The 31st is fast approaching and I’m getting very excited for it. Today’s post is all about werewolves. Could these transforming creatures be real… Lets discuss.

Firstly what is a werewolf? In mythology they are classed as humans that can transform into a wolf like creature during a full moon. They have been fairly popular over modern culture and each representation of werewolves are slightly different. The basic principle of a human normally a man turning into a wolf remains the same.

In the animal kingdom there are creatures that change shape. The process is called metamorphosis and often its a protection against predators. Although there is nothing as dramatic as the change from man to werewolf.

There are reports of werewolves being seen throughout history, a famous example is the town of Griefswald. A small town in germany was said to be overrun with werewolves in the 16th century and a group of student went out armed with silver bullets to save the town.

How do we explain these sightings. Well the first explanation is the imagination. We could see a dog in the night and our imagination can make it out to be something that it isn’t. Although lets say there is a werewolf like thing what could that be? There is a gene nicknamed the werewolf gene or werewolf syndrome. Its actual name Hypertrichosis. The syndrome causes an excessive amount of hair to go on the body. Although there is fewer than 100 documented cases worldwide.

So could werewolves be real? The simple answer is again not really Although transformations occur in the animal kingdom the likelihood of a change being as dramatic as that of a man turning into a wolf is highly unlikely!

Happy Halloween!

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