Becoming A Master

This series is a weekly update of what I’m up to whilst I complete my masters degree in Conservation at UCL!

Week 1: In The Beginning – This week was all about the admin, as is needed when you start at a new place. I was finding my feet in UCL and just as I knew how to get to my new university I was off on my first field course!

Week 2: Eels, Carp and Crayfish! Oh My! – This week I was whisked away to Norfolk for my first field course for the trip. It was a fun packed and exhausting week!

Week 3: In The Lab, Late One Night – A week of invert identification and working away in the laboratory!

Week 4: Here There Be Dragons – This week was spent in snowdonia looking at how the National Park is managed.

Week 5: The Situ Argument – This week I was back in London and into lectures. This piece looks at the way we talk about types of conservation.

Week 6: Write Faster Dammit! – This week I’ve been working on my first assignment for university so I thought I’d write down my top essay writing tips.

Week 7: Sunny Days – This week I was on reading week, so not much to say but I did go to Kew Gardens so this blog is all about that – also I totally wrote this whilst eating dominos and it was glorious!

Week 8: The Little Things – This week I went to a debate at ZSL, this debate called into question how our personal life choices effect the environment. I took the chance to write about one of the great loves of my life. Coffee.

Week 9: Time Flies – This week has been mega busy, like to busy to write kind of busy. So I just listed a few bits of advice I have for when things get like this!

Week 10: Help – This week I was dealing with some tricky assignments so I asked for help. This blog I decided to write about some other animals that ask for help.

Week 11: Colds and Mating Rituals – This week I’ve been sick so instead of writing about my cold I decided to write about weird mating rituals in the animal kingdom!

Week 12: Ready, Set Go! – This week I’m back after the holidays with a whole bunch of new modules!

Week 13: Sleepy Superhero – This week I started to properly feel the effects of going full throttle 100% of the time. Masters degrees are knackering whilst also being incredible opportunities.

Week 14: Conservation 2037 – This week I went to a really amazing and inspiring conference.

Week 15: Bouncing back – My tips on how to recover if you get a bad grade.

Week 16: Blink and You’ll Miss It – This week I started my last half term of teaching, it only feels like yesterday that I was starting my degree!

Week 17: A Day In The Life – This was a post dedicated to my standard mondays of term two.

Week 18: “Like I’m on an episode of time team” – This week I was looking through macrofossil records and I went on another trip to Kew!

Week 19: The Last Week Of Lectures – My last official week of lectures, not that this means the work stops!

Week 20: A Chat about Big Game Hunting – This week I was working on my assignments but also watched a great documentary about the world of big game hunting and its links to conservation.

Week 21: GIS – The Good, The Bad, and the Downright Ugly – Assignments continue to be the main focus of my life including my work on GIS.

Week 22: Cornish Lass – This week, the assignments continue but with an added break of being home in my wonderful land of cornwall!

Week 23: Deadlines, Deadlines Everywhere – The last week of assignment writing – need I say more.

Week 24: Start of Something New – My first week starting my dissertation and resting after the madness of my assignments

Week 25: London For Scientists – A quick guide on my favourite london tourist attractions for scientists!

Week 26: Fieldwork Beginnings – The first week of fieldwork for my dissertation!

Week 27: So many hedgerows – Everything I’ve loved and not liked so much about my three weeks of field work!

Week 28: Desk Work and Podcasts – Back in london for the stats portion of my dissertation.

Week 29: Procrastination Queen – This week I avoided stats to work on some other projects.

Week 30: Alpha Biodiversity – This week I focused on my statistics working out the alpha biodiversity of each of my hedgerows.

Week 31: A Week In The Life – Every day is really different for me so this week I wrote a little of what I was doing every day!

Week 32: Back to GIS – This week I was back working with GIS which I loved even if I did come under a little bit of a struggle with remembering what to do!

Week 33: A few of my favourite things – Otherwise titled how to survive a dissertation! In the depths of writing a dissertation you need things to keep you going!

Week 34: Conferencing – This week I had the opportunity to present my dissertation research and get some ideas from alumni of what I want to do next!

Week 35: The last working week – With the deadline looming I was just sat at my desk typing away…

Week 36: The Hand In – It’s finally finished!

The Finale! – The very last week of my masters degree!

Post Masters

1 Month Update – 1 month since the hand in of my dissertation!

BAM BONUS – Things I wish I’d Known