Welcome to That Biologist

“I am quite conscious that my speculations run quite beyond the bounds of true science” – Charles Darwin

Welcome To ThatBiologist


ThatBiologist is a place for all things biology! My name is Laura and I am just that, that biologist. I graduated from my biology degree in 2015 and I start my masters degree in conservation biology in September 2016, but that’s enough about me, if you want to know more click here.

This little blog covers a whole wide spoke and tries to make biology accessible to everyone and enjoyable! I want to spread my love of biology and the big wide world. To do this I have lots of different series which cover different areas of biology:

6 Scientific Things in 60 Seconds or 6 in 60 – Does exactly what it says on the tin! Take a subject in the scope of biology then find out 6 things on that topic, which you can read in 60 seconds. These appear every Tuesday!

The Farmers Daughter – A series that started from an assignment back in my degree days that puts nature conservation into context of agriculture and the relationship between the two.

Mini Wikis – These blogs tend to focus on the biochemical world, currently we’re working from DNA outwards. They attempt to make these big and scary topics simple and easy to understand.

Fairyology – Okay this series is my little silly treat! It looks at the science of fairytales or more if there is a scientific explanation.

The Monthly Scientist – This comes at the end of each month, where I find an interesting scientist and give you a short version of their life story.

The Extras – These are the blogs that don’t really have a spot in one of my series but are interesting all the same and well worth taking a look at.

And that’s just the start, some series have already come to an end, so make sure to check out the archived series for more! Blogs appear here every Tuesday and Friday.


ThatBiologist has started to spread to all corners of the internet. Listed below is our links to all of these spaces. Feel free to follow, tweet, like or any other term!





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Or email thatbiologist@gmail.com!

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