The Farmers Daughter

Another series on that biologist is called The Farmers Daughter. The series was developed from an assignment from my university days in which I look at nature conservation in the context of agriculture. I have grown up from an agricultural background and I constantly see the clash between nature conservation and agriculture.

Episode 1 – As The Seasons Change: This was a blog post written in November 2014. It discusses the use of multi criteria decision analysis or MCDA in agriculture.

Episode 2 – The True Cost: Written in February 2015. This article discusses the true cost of conservation with the example of the deepwater horizon oil spill.

Episode 3 – Decisions: Written in March 2015. This article is about the hard decisions in agriculture and compares them to the hard decisions in conservation.

Episode 4 – Why Being Cute Matters? An article about the use of cute cuddly animals in conservation campaigns.