Mini Wikis

The Mini Wiki Series

This series comes from my A level self when I was struggling with some complex topics and all I wanted to know was the answer in a non complicated way. The limit is to explain the topic in under 1000 words. This series was introduced to ThatBiologist in October 2015 so the collection is building up slowly but surely! For now here are the links to the first Mini Wikis!

1 – Central Dogma – The big main idea of how we get from DNA to proteins!

2 – DNA – What is DNA and where can I find it?

3 – RNA – Looking at DNA’s little brother RNA!

4 – Animal Cell – Going a little bit bigger and looking at the animal cell.

5 – Plant Cell – How is a plant cell different from an animal cell, well find out here.

6a – Organelles – The first part of the organelles series, this one explains what organelles even are.

6b – More Organelles – The second part of the organelles, with a walk through of some organelles.

6c – Even More Organelles – The third and last part about organelles!

7 – The Cell Cycle – How does the cell do its thing  – Find out here!

8 – Mitosis – The way our cells divide.