Skip Class Not Concealer – My thoughts…

Not Exactly Science

Ooo an extra blog post from me this week! Well there’s been something happening online particularly on instagram that I wanted to throw my two cents in.

Benefit Cosmetics is a brand that I love a lot, they were the first slightly more expensive brand that I bought from and their makeup is flawless. Then this happened…

Image result for skip class not concealer benefit

You might be thinking, oh it’s just an advertising campaign it’s not going to do any harm. I however did take some offence to this. This brand is literally telling women that their looks are more important than their education! That is so unbelievably not okay!

I believe this is particularly damaging for young women. I remember being in school where how you looked was extremely important and there were girls in my class that would miss the first 10 minutes of class because of touch ups in the bathroom. To have a brand reinforce this behaviour as not just a good thing but a necessary thing is awful.

If I had skipped class for the sake of putting some make up on my face I might not have done so well in my classes. I might have ended up not being able to get a good degree in a subject that I love and I might not have ended up doing a masters degree at one of the top university’s in the country (Bit braggy, but you see my point).

I feel like brands have a duty to encourage education not down play it. Education is so incredibly important because the stuff you learn at school does set you up for what can be an incredible future.

Thanks to many people complaining about this branding from the looks of things benefit has had to pull the advertising campaign!

Finally, just as a quick side note to any young girls who are reading all of this, just go and have look at the #womeninstem on instagram and just see all the truly stunning women who are spending their life working hard and never skipping class!

Thank you for reading this slightly different post! See you all on Sunday!


The Monthly Scientist: Miss December

The Monthly Scientist

Hello and welcome to the last monthly scientist! It’s been by far and away my favourite series to write this year and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them.

Gertrude Elion


Born: 23 January 1918

Died: 21 February 1999

Noted for: Research into pharmaceuticals in the treatment of cancer.

Why scientist of the month?

Elion was born in New York City to immigrant parents. She was motivated by her grandfathers death from Cancer into the world of biochemistry. Although she struggled to find work as many companies would not hire women as chemists. She then went back to New York University and obtained her degree and masters. She was hired by GlaxoSmithKline and inspired another scientist Dr Hitchings. Elion and her team developed drugs to combat leukemia, herpes and AIDS. They also discovered treatments to reduce the body’s rejection of foreign tissue in kidney transplants between unrelated donors. In all, Elion developed 45 patents in medicine and was awarded 23 honorary degrees. Her work in the development in medicine is undoubtedly something that I am thankful for.

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The Monthly Scientist: Miss August

The Monthly Scientist

Hello, this year is disappearing so fast! Today we’re celebrating a fantastic scientist, without her research we might not know as much about cancer as we do today. Of course today we are honouring…

Marie Curie


Born: 7 November 1867 in Warsaw, Poland

Died: 4 July 1934, age 66.

Noted for: First research into the treatment of tumours with radiation and the discovery of radium and polonium.

Why scientist of the month?

Curie began life as a teacher but her scientific career started when she moved to Paris and met her future husband Pierre Curie. In July 1898, the Curies announced the discovery of a new chemical element, polonium. At the end of the year, they announced the discovery of another, radium.

Pierre died in 1906 and Marie took over his teaching post, becoming the first woman to teach at the Sorbonne. The Curie’s research was crucial in the development of x-rays in surgery. During World War One Curie helped to equip ambulances with x-ray equipment, which she herself drove to the front lines.

If all that wasn’t enough she is also the only person who has ever won Nobel Prizes in both physics and chemistry. As well as her research into the treatment of tumours with radiation was essential to what we know about cancer and how we treat it now.

Yet again, Curie is among the wonderful scientists that know how to perfectly turn a phrase so to conclude this is my favourite Marie Curie quote.

“I am among those who think that science has great beauty. A scientist in his laboratory is not only a technician: he is also a child placed before natural phenomena which impress him like a fairy tale.”

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