Becoming a Master – Desk Work and Podcasts


Week 28


So this week I am now back in London to begin all things statistics. However most of this week has been spent reading papers and actually sorting out my data. For each of my hedgerows I had a different piece of paper with the data on it as well as a notebook with different notes and ideas. So this week all of these notes have needed to go into my computer. It sounds just as dull as it is. That being said it has to be done so as a way to stop myself going insane I have been listening to a lot of podcasts.

I find that I almost work better to podcasts than music as they can be less distracting. They are also a great way to learn a lot about science! Here are my two current favourites.

Science Brunch – These two amazing ladies post podcasts discussing amazing scientists. Hearing the stories of these inspiring people has been keeping me going through the piles of paperwork.

Level Up Human – This podcast is a really interesting concept. What would you add to humans to improve human kind as a whole? Its hosted by Simon Watt alongside lots of other great guest hosts. The ideas that come out of these podcasts are insane and weird and I love it!

I’m building up my repertoire of podcasts thanks to a lot of lovely suggestions on twitter. They are literally saving me from the boredom of paper work. Please tweet me or drop a comment on your favourite podcasts and I will check them out!

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