Photography by ThatBiologist – Kew Gardens – 17/09/2017

A series of photos from a walk around Kew Gardens on an autumnal day. All images taken on my iphone.

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Becoming A Master – London For Scientists

Week 25


So the past two weeks in my life I have been preparing for my field work for my dissertation. This has included meetings with my supervisor to get my methodology down and writing my risk assessment as well as starting my background research. However I have also been taking some down time before my field work begins (its starting tomorrow eeep). This has meant for me lots of sleep and spending quality time with my better half however I live (in my opinion) in the best city in the world. So I’ve been able to go out and explore London! So I thought with this blog I would suggest a few sciencey tourist spots for people to go and find and learn more about science!

For the Beginner: The Science Museum

The science museum is just a great place to get started with science. It has a bit of everything from technology to biology to engineering. What I totally love about the museum is it has loads of bits to interact with which is great for kids (and grown-up kids) and its also 100% free to go in. I went to there cosmonauts exhibition last year and it was one of my favourite exhibitions that I have ever been too.

For the all round Biologist: The Natural History Museum

If you’re in London you will seriously miss out if you haven’t been to the Natural History Museum. It’s a stunning building and again 100% free to go in but the queues to enter can be super long at peak times. But don’t just go for the dinosaurs! The dinosaur exhibit is by far their most popular exhibit but make sure you go upstairs for the real treasures. My favourite spot is at the top of the central staircase where they keep some extra special treasures. I won’t spoil it by telling you whats in there but just go, you won’t be disappointed!

For the Botanist: The Royal Botanical Gardens – Kew!

By now it is no secret that Kew is one of my favourite places in London. It’s this strangely peaceful spot in an increasingly busy city. This is the first on my list that is not free to enter but holds some incredibly rare plants and is beautiful all year round. It has something different to see every time I go and is a botanists heaven.

For the Medic: Florence Nightingale Museum and The Old Operating Theatre and Herb Garret

There are so many interesting medical museums in London. But two things that remain on my bucket list are these two. Old fashioned surgery is so interesting and without there advancements the modern surgery we see today might look very different. As for florence nightingale she is another fantastic woman that I cannot help but admire and want to learn more about.

For the Engineer: The Tower Bridge Tour.

London is full of engineering prowess. Its a city with so many different levels and its construction is something I have become increasingly more interested by. Tower Bridge in itself is a tourist destination and well worth a trip across but the tour provides even more insight. The engineering behind its movement is so beautifully simple and definitely worth a trip.

Obviously there are loads more and if you like your history of science be sure to look out for the blue plaques on the wall. You’ll be sure to see some of your favourite scientist’s names out and about.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks update and I will be back next Sunday with an update on my first week of field work!

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Becoming A Master – “Like I’m on an episode of time team”

Week 18

Hello! I can’t really believe this but next week is my last week of teaching at UCL. Thats not to say that the work stops not one bit! I’m not a master of science quite yet! Anyway thats next weeks problem to deal with I’m here to tell you about what I’ve been up to this week.

This week has been similar to the rest this term with lectures and assignment and what not. I got to find some macrofossils which was so cool on Monday. I found a part of a fish scale which to me was just amazing. That tiny piece of scale can tell us a lot about the type of lake that fish was living in. For example the fish species that I found does well in lakes that are going through eutrophication. This is a process when you get excessive nutrients going into the lake which causes an algal bloom. From this we can infer along with other resources what life was like surrounding the lake. All really cool and makes me feel a little like I’m on an episode of time team.

This weekend I also went to one of my favourite places in London, of course its Kew Gardens. So I will leave you with a few pictures of Kew in bloom!


See you soon!

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Becoming A Master – Sunny Days

Week 7

Hello, this week has been a strange one, I’ve been on reading week so I’ve been working from home a lot writing essays, so unfortunately the most exciting update. So instead I thought I’d write about what I’ve been up to today! This morning I went to Kew Gardens.

One of the benefits of living in London is being so close to Kew. If you don’t know what Kew is firstly where have you been and secondly its the royal botanical gardens in London. It houses so many plants and is part of the millennium seed bank project. I went today with my parents and we barely went round a third of it due to time constraints but wow! It houses plants from all over the world and everything from cacti to palms to trees. I’m quite the botany junkie so I was on cloud nine particularly looking at the carnivorous plants. Instead of chatting about it I’ll just put some pictures of this beautiful place below. If you’re in London it is definitely worth a visit!