Becoming A Master – Help!


Week 10

This week I’ve been writing a really tricky assignment. As with all of my assignments this tern I’ve had a lot of information to cram into an incredibly tight deadline. I was confused about what to include and what to chuck out. So I did the intelligent thing and went and asked for help. My tutorial with my lecturer really helped sort things out and now I’m well on my way with the assignment.

Help can be tricky to admit that you need but its all over the natural world. In a naturally competitive world there are a few examples I’d like to point out where one species helps out another.

The Hermit Crab and The Sea Anemone

An unlikely paring in the natural world but it works! The anemone gets a ride on the crabs shell and gets to feed on any extra scraps the crab finds. The crab then gets the protection of the sea anemone particularly from octopi.


The Crocodile and The Bird

So if you were a bird where would you think the best place to go for some grub is? Well the Plover Bird heads straight for the crocodiles mouth! It gets the bits of food that get stuck in the crocs teeth. Now the crocodile doesn’t eat the bird for the simple reason that this practice keeps their teeth sparkly and free from infection.

Crocodile Plover 1

There are several more examples but the message is never be afraid to ask for help!

Have a great week all!

ThatBiologist Everywhere!