Guess Whose Back!



Long time no see! I cannot believe it has been as long as it has but I thought I would let you all know that A) I’m alive and B) Where I’ve Been!

So hey, I am very much alive and well and I am back to blogging! So where have I been well, at the end of April I got rather burnt out. I have a condition (a very unscientific condition mind) that I like to call the “Too Much Gene”. I love loading up my plate with lots of things to do however I occasionally let one of my spinning plates fall and then.. well they all tend to. This pretty much happened at the end of April so I took it back to almost the basics. Focusing on the process of buying a house (!!! Yup been doing that while I’ve been away), work (because if you don’t know I work at a rather well known scientific publishing house), home and my family and friends.

However! Now things are calming down a little bit, the house is almost bought, my work/life balance is far better than it used to be and well quite frankly I miss writing here! I have carried on writing for the Woodland trust while I’ve been away and you can find these here:

The other major things in my life that have happened is well firstly I graduated from my masters degree finally! Although I finished my course almost a year a go, I finally got to where the cap and gown and walk across the stage. Secondly I got a promotion! I had a wonderful time celebrating my being a girl boss with my family and had a rather swanky trip up the Shard for afternoon tea!


So whats next…

Well to try and stave off my too much gene, I’m going to start back up with one post here every sunday and hopefully at some point I’ll build back up to two posts. I have lots of leftover posts from BEDA that I simply never posted so those will be the next one’s coming along. I also want to change up my style a little bit and let this be more chatty! I used to spend so much time in getting the correct referencing right (a hangover from uni days I believe) and not enough time in making my posts creative and fun. I’m hoping with this new style I’ll be able to write more on my commute so I have something to do while I’m sat on trains for far too many hours of my week! So hopefully you can expect more random side notes from myself and more eclectic stories but still a whole host of Biology! I hope you are just as excited for ThatBiologist 2.0 as I am!

ThatBiologist Everywhere!