It’s Not Easy Being Green


Hello! I’m back again like a bad boyfriend that says they’ll do better every time that they come back around. This time I do mean it!

2018 was the year of little to know blogging for a couple of reasons as mentioned in my last post but the highlights are:

  • Graduating from my MSC
  • A promotion at work
  • Buying a flat

Yeah it was a pretty big year. However I’ve missed chatting away about biology to you all and letting you know all the interesting things I’ve been reading up on. So I am back, and I promise I’ll try and do better.

More recently in my life I’ve been trying to be a better person to the planet and doing this by making tiny changes but it really isn’t that easy to be green. Sometimes there appears to be no other choice than to use the single use plastic, or take my make up off with a face wipe but more and more our world is becoming clued up on how to do better and be better to the planet, so I’m going to try to. I thought this could be the perfect project to get me back into blogging. Every few weeks I want to try and start implementing more eco-friendly choices into my life and I’ll tell you guys about what’s lasting and what really isn’t.

I did a series quite similar to this a little while a go called the little things but in this series I’m going to practice what I preach and tell you more about the logistics of how easy it actually can be to go green.

All the best,


ThatBiologist Everywhere!