The Little Things – Gifts

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Hello, welcome to the second episode of my new series called The Little Things. If you didn’t know this is a series all about small changes that you can make in your day to day life to help save the world. Today we’re going to talk about presents!

I’m currently in the full run up to christmas, that means buying a lot of presents for my friends and family! This year I wanted to make a real effort to make my presents to my loved ones help the world out in one way or another. So I’ve come up with a list of five presents you could get your loved ones that help the earth out!

1 – Elephant Pants! – If you know someone who loves there PJ’s more than life itself like me this might be the perfect present. The Elephant Pants sell loungers, harem pants, kimonos and all things comfy! But better yet a portion of every sale goes toward anti-poaching of ivory, wildlife and habitat protection, and research on curing elephant diseases. Made in Thailand, the seamstresses are paid double the average wage and are given healthcare benefits! You can shop them here.

Tyke Unisex Loungers

2 – Devocean! – Perhaps you’re after something for someone who loves shiny things well Devoted To The Ocean has you covered. With every purchase of there gorgeous jewelry or beach essentials 20 percent of the net profits go to charitable organisations attempting to clear up the ocean and keep it safe particularly for turtles! You can shop them here.

3 – Nuubia San Francisco – If you are looking for a sweet treat for someone you love then look no further! These premium chocolates are made with no palm oil! As such they’ve been labelled orangutan safe and cruelty free chocolates. All of their packaging is FSC approved, oh and they look delicious. With vegan and gluten free options how can you say no! Note! This is probably one for my american friends as they are american based!!! Either way you can shop here.

nuubia chocolates

4 – Lush – I’m a huge fan of lush and if you know a lushie in your life you could add a charity pot to their gift. Lush do a lot for charity but 100% of the price of this specific body lotion is donated to small grassroots organizations working in the areas of environmental conservation, animal welfare and human rights. You can shop it here.

5 – Traidcraft – If you still want more choices then have a look at Traidcraft! They’ve got everything from homeware, food and fashion! All of their wonderful items are made through fair trade co-operatives. For example the blue duvet set I’ve listed below is handmade in India using natural resources, and its stunning! You can shop all of traidcrafts beautiful things here.

Please do leave ideas for similar wonderful things in the comments below!

Happy Shopping and Happy Christmas!

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*Note – I have not been paid to mention any of the products in this blog post – I just think they’re all really cool!


Biology Presents!

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Hello! Is it too soon… can I really start talking about christmas! Well as I’ve been shopping since October, I guess so! I have a few christmassy posts lined up until I go for my Christmas break and today I thought I’d give some recommendations for presents for the biological people in your life!

1 – A Cellfie Mug

I love this cute mug that is perfect for any biologist! You can get it here.

2 – Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World 

This book is most certainly on my christmas list. I love celebrating women in STEM and this book does that as well as being simply beautiful. You can get this book on amazon here.

3 – DNA Bookmark

What’s more perfect to go with a Biology book than a biology themed bookmark! This beautiful creation is from etsy and can be personalised with your loved ones initials. You can get it here!

4 – DNA Art?!

If you know a true DNA connoisseur how about this!  This company makes artwork from your own DNA, I think it would hang beautifully next to some qualification certificates! Have a look at it here.

5 – Air Plant and Shell combo

This is perfect for those that aren’t great with plants but would love a houseplant. This is a combination of an air plant growing in a shell, I think it would look perfect on any bathroom counter top! You can have a look here.

On Sunday there will be some more present recommendations but with a different twist so stay tuned!

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Hansel and Gretel: Don’t Wander Off!

Fairyology, Not Exactly Science

Happy Halloween!


“he left a trail of crumbs behind him to mark the way”

Fairyology Episode 9

It has been a while since we delved into the land of silly science and spoke about fairy tales. For those who are new here, fairyology is all about dissecting fairy tales to find the science and as it is Halloween today our fairy tale is a little bit dark!

Image result for hansel and gretel storyThe story of Hansel and Gretel is already quite dark, I’m sure you know this particular story but nevertheless here’s a quick recap. A wood cutter lives in the woods with his two children and their evil step mother. Not having enough food to eat the step mother orders the wood cutter to take the children named Hansel and Gretel into the woods and to leave them there. The children over hear the story and Hansel collects some white pebbles. When they leave Hansel drops the pebbles to mark their way home and the plan works! The next day the wood cutter is forced to try again but Hansel only had some old bread. He tries to leaves crumbs behind him but they are eaten by birds. Hansel and Gretel then find a house made of sweets, chocolate and biscuits. As the children were so hungry they start to eat the house. The witch who lives there kidnaps them and makes Gretel do the housework. She fattens the kids up so she can eat them one day. Then as the witch is heating the oven to cook them, Gretel pushes her in and locks the door. She rescues her brother and find the witches money. They find their home and are told by the wood cutter that their step mother has died and they all live happily ever after.

It really is a grizzly fairy tale with the worst part being that the witch wanted to cook them… Why! Well here is one particular theory about the truth of this story.

Hansel and Gretel was written somewhere around the 17th century. However, in the 12th century, England and most of Europe was afflicted by a great famine. Not long after it was followed by the Black Death, which is now known to be a mass outbreak of bubonic plague, it wasn’t a great time to be alive. In this time many parents abandoned children or children became orphans. Leaving many little Hansel and Gretels running around forests by themselves.

Then on to the topic of witches. In this time, if you were a woman, pretty much if you did anything out of the ordinary you could be accused of being a witch.  This included if you were pretty, had a lot of money or if you lived alone like the witch in the story. So that solves the truth behind this one, this poor lady could have been completely innocent… apart from the cannibalism part. Now unfortunately due to the famine and general death of the area, cannibalism was more common in the 12th century than you would like to think. Therefore the possibility of someone wanting to eat a child could have been an entirely true story. Or of course it could be a great tale to stop children from roaming to far away!

Not a lot of science in this fairy tale today but it certainly is a spooky tale!

More Fairyology

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Some Thanks

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So I hand in my dissertation tomorrow. It’s not quite the end of my masters but it definitely feels like it! So I hope you won’t mind this won’t be particularly about biology because I have to thank some people.

This degree has been emotionally, mentally and occassionally physically draining. I’ve put my heart and soul into it and it’s a wonderful feeling to be nearing the end of such a crazy year. I know it might sound cliche but I really really really would not have gotten through it without my wonderful group of people and I have to say thank you.

Firstly to my incredible parents. I wouldn’t have been able to do the course without your support and I cannot thank you enough for letting me have this opportunity. Your constant support throughout this year and my entire life is so important to me and I love you so much.

Secondly to my other half. He doesn’t get a mention here but he is my rock in life. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have him and really he’s just incredible. I love you and I always will.

Thirdly to my siblings. You forever make me laugh and smile and you remind me not to take myself too seriously. You guys are amazing!

To my inner sanctum, it has been a total pleasure getting to know you all this year. You are all so incredibly smart and I know that whatever you guys want to do in life you’ll succeed at. In 5 years time you can be sure we’ll be running the world. But seriously I thought this year could end up being a little lonely and it definitely hasn’t been with you guys around.

To Danielle, Amanda and Becca. My wonderful course friends, can you believe that from rooming together in Norfolk we have finally finished it. Thank you for being such great people to share ideas with and moan about how tough its been. I can’t wait to see where we all go from here.

And thank you to all the wonderful twitterati that have been a great source of enjoyment and support! Then finally thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read my blogs, it’s wonderful knowing that my words are reaching someone!

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Skip Class Not Concealer – My thoughts…

Not Exactly Science

Ooo an extra blog post from me this week! Well there’s been something happening online particularly on instagram that I wanted to throw my two cents in.

Benefit Cosmetics is a brand that I love a lot, they were the first slightly more expensive brand that I bought from and their makeup is flawless. Then this happened…

Image result for skip class not concealer benefit

You might be thinking, oh it’s just an advertising campaign it’s not going to do any harm. I however did take some offence to this. This brand is literally telling women that their looks are more important than their education! That is so unbelievably not okay!

I believe this is particularly damaging for young women. I remember being in school where how you looked was extremely important and there were girls in my class that would miss the first 10 minutes of class because of touch ups in the bathroom. To have a brand reinforce this behaviour as not just a good thing but a necessary thing is awful.

If I had skipped class for the sake of putting some make up on my face I might not have done so well in my classes. I might have ended up not being able to get a good degree in a subject that I love and I might not have ended up doing a masters degree at one of the top university’s in the country (Bit braggy, but you see my point).

I feel like brands have a duty to encourage education not down play it. Education is so incredibly important because the stuff you learn at school does set you up for what can be an incredible future.

Thanks to many people complaining about this branding from the looks of things benefit has had to pull the advertising campaign!

Finally, just as a quick side note to any young girls who are reading all of this, just go and have look at the #womeninstem on instagram and just see all the truly stunning women who are spending their life working hard and never skipping class!

Thank you for reading this slightly different post! See you all on Sunday!

Becoming A Master: Time Flies

BAM, Not Exactly Science

Week 9

I cannot believe how fast this term is flying by. This week has been crazy busy, it feels like its been busier than usual. I’ve had a meeting with my personal tutor, lectures galore, stats galore and a group meeting for my project! Now as you are reading this I’m in Germany! Madness and its likely to stay this way right up until Christmas as I have 4 assignments due between now and then.

Coping with a lot to do can be an interesting task. I know that for a lot of my friends in academia this is a busy time of year before we all power down for “a long winters nap”. So to remind myself and also to remind my very busy friends out there here is my three top tips of how to cope.

Number 1: To Do Lists Are Your Friends

I am a huge believer of the to do list. I try to have one for the week but I tend to write them daily too. Keeps you going and helps things from getting lost.

Number 2: Drink WATER!

And lots of it. Its easy to forget to do but your body needs it! I wrote a blog a long time ago about how important and amazing water is. So if you need a refresher its here.

Number 3: Schedule in Breaks!

You need to rest. You cannot keep going at a million miles an hour forever but if you’re like me and feel guilty when you do rest this is my trick. By scheduling in breaks you know that you’ve given yourself time to do the work you need to do.

Sorry this blog has been so short. It’s been a completely crazy week. Next week however I’m going to an evening to learn more about insects so I’ll be sure to report how that goes!

Take care!

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