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the little things


Long time no write, I’ve been down with a cold for the last week but yesterday I ventured out into London for a walk with a friend. I was in the heart of London when I stumbled upon a bug hotel! I can’t tell you how happy I was to see them and they were so close to Regent’s park that I’m sure that they were getting plenty of use. Anyway it inspired me to tell you all about the wonders that are bug hotels!


If you don’t know what a bug hotel is it’s a safe haven for lots of different wildlife. It’s a manmade structure built from natural materials that has lots of different sized holes that many different species can hide away from predators or the weather in. They can be hanging like the one I saw yesterday or they can be on the ground. The main theme is that they are made using lots of different materials to create lots of different styles of habitat in a small space.

Bug hotels can come in all different shapes and sizes. They have also been shown to be used by lots of different species. The main guests to a bug hotel are solitary bees and wasps that are sort of like the bachelors of the bee world as they don’t live in a hive with a queen. Butterflies that hibernate have also been seen to use bug hotels for the winter months.

So why is this in the little things series! It’s quite simple really, if you have a balcony, a front garden, a back garden, a window box, or even somewhere at work where you can fit in a bug hotel why not put one in. It’s probably one of the most simple little changes you can make to help the insects out. If you have children they can be excellent fun to make but if you haven’t got the time or space for a large hotel you can buy one’s the size of an average brick.

Then once you’ve got your hotel set up there’s nothing else you need to do other than to sit back, wait and see what guests might turn up at your hotel!

Want to know more about building your own bug hotel just click here for the RSPB guide! If you were looking to buy a small bug hotel here’s a link to one but they are all over the internet, even Waitrose sells them!

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