Bonus Becoming A Master – How to choose a masters degree


Hello! So in my last bonus BAM I shared what I wish I had known before I started my masters degree. If you didn’t know I have recently finished my masters degree in Conservation at UCL which I documented with weekly posts that you can find here. So without further a do here is my 5 steps to finding your perfect masters.

Step 1: Do you really want to do a masters?

This might sound like a silly question but you need to consider it carefully. First ask yourself why you want to do a masters degree? If it’s because you don’t have anything else to do maybe consider something else like work experience or volunteering. Masters are financially expensive and will take up a huge amount of time even if it is for just a year. However, if you want to further your learning, increase your chances for a particular career path or get into academics then go for it!

Step 2: Do Your Research

It might sound silly but make sure you research the opportunities available! Masters degrees can be super specific so have a wide look at what masters are available on your topic area. And! Perhaps more importantly which universities those masters degrees are being held at. Each masters degree is going to be a little different so take your time when looking into them.

Step 3: Open Days!

Once you’ve found a few degrees that you like the look of see when there next open days are. Open days are the perfect opportunity to find out the details of the course, meet lecturers, look at the university and find out where the masters students have gone on to.

Step 4: More research

Now you’ve hopefully found the courses that you like the most, go back and do that bit more research. This time look at the opportunities available at the course for careers. I know it sounds ridiculous but knowing where you could go after your masters will really help you in the long run because that year goes quickly!

Step 5: Prepare for your application

Now when it comes to applying for the degrees, make sure you have everything you need before you begin. This includes transcripts from undergrads and your references. And of course always make sure you get your application in on time to have the best success!

Good Luck!

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