Becoming A Master – A few of my favourite things


Week 33

Hello! So this week I have been writing. I know that’s a huge surprise to you all! However as next week I am off for a holiday, I have had a lot to get done before I can have some time off. Unfortunately that leads to a slightly boring weekly update for you. So instead I thought I would show you a few of the things that make a week of being sat at my laptop a little more bearable.

Number 1 – Breaks! – I know it might seem obvious but its so important to take breaks! I try and do 40-50 minutes work then I have 10-20 minutes off. I try and take those breaks away from my laptop (rather than just flicking over to facebook) and on my feet as I spend the majority of my time at my desk sat down! Surprisingly this has meant my flat is really clean and tidy because that is my preferred break time activity!

Number 2 – All my plants – I have a fair few plants that sit on my desk along with some fresh flowers. I think it’s important that the spot you work in is one that you like to look at! So for me that means fairy lights, pictures of my loved ones and lots of plants!

Number 3 – Reaching goals – Okay, this might sound a little bit lame but I write a to do list every day and it’ll often have word count goals. When I get there like for example on Monday I wrote over a thousand words, it feels great!

Number 4 – Tea – Specifically vats of tea in mugs that look great – I feel like this one is self explanatory!

Number 5 – Seeing people – I know that for me and a few of my other friends can go into a work bubble and not leave the desk for days at a time. So this week I have forced myself out of the house to go see other humans! This included a group screening of the first episode of game of thrones. It was sooo good!

I have a feeling this turned into a how to survive a dissertation post but I’m okay with that! If you’re working on a big project I hope my tips will help you too! Just a quick reminder that there will be no blogs next week and I won’t be on the internet as I’m heading to the wonderful land of Wales!

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