Becoming A Master – Field Work Beginnings


Week 26

Hello! So this week in my life I have finally begun my field work. I’m working on a project looking at the conservation of hedgerows. I’m doing this by looking at the biodiversity in the hedgerow and then comparing this with the management system of them. To look at the biodiversity I’m conducting a floral assemblage study which basically means identifying the species of the plants growing in the hedgerows and then identifying there percentage cover.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great here in Cornwall in the beginning of the week. This meant a few difficulties like trying to keep paper dry and wearing lots of layers so I don’t freeze! I’ve also had to bring lots of specimens home to identify in the dry with all the technology to help me.

However on Thursday, there was beautiful warm sunshine which was much easier  (and more enjoyable) to work in. I even found some little Great Tit chicks which was a great find! I have also been trying to keep up with keeping my notes in order on my computer and updating them every day after coming in from the fields. This way my notes don’t get too garbled and I remember what the squiggles mean.

All in all its been a good first week of field work and has been very productive! More fun to come next week! If you’d like more pictures of my antics, the best place for that is my instagram!

ThatBiologist Everywhere!





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