Hello and welcome to the last spotlight Thursday of BEDA. I thought this time I would cast the spotlight on Scicommers. Scicomm is short for science communication and scicommers are the people who just that. I totally adore the Scicomm community and I spend large amounts of time when I’m not writing, reading and listening to more scicomm, so I thought I would share three of my favourites.

SciShow – This was what got me totally hooked into this wonderful world. It’s a youtube channel that does a little bit of everything in science and they’re all in wonderfully animated digestible chunks!

The Scientific Beauty – I aspire so much to be as glamourous as Sophie who runs Scibeauty. It’s a great blog (shes also brilliant on twitter) that combines beauty with science. She also has killer style and is finishing up her PhD. If you love your makeup and your science this is the place for you.

Dr Mike – He’s another huge inspiration and has helped me out so much with a cheeky retweet here and there. He makes scicomm podcasts that are informative and fun. I particularly like listening to them when I’m in the lab to keep me going and his series actual living scientist is by far and away my favourite!

So there we have it three amazing sources that covers all sorts of different topics in the scientific world. Hope you enjoy them too if you go and check them out!

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