Nature Documentaries You Have To Watch


It’s another spotlight Thursday! For this episode I thought I’d turn our attention to Nature Documentaries. They’re how a lot of people fall in love with the natural world. They provide inspiration as well as being important educational sources. I happen to be a little bit of a nature documentary junkie and thought I’d share some of my favourites.

Planet Earth – The sequel has only recently been shown but the original series is just as good!

Sharkwater – I love sharks, I spent an entire week last year talking all about them. I’ve watched what feels like hundreds of shark documentaries. Blue planet is amazing as is Shark but my favourite is sharkwater.

The Ivory Game – This is all about ivory trade. Illegal animal trade can be damning for species and ivory is a big seller still. This documentary can be a little grim but its really informative about why illegal animal trade is important.

Hope you enjoy my recommendations if you do choose to watch them. If you’ve got any good documentaries you think I should watch leave me a comment or send them in a tweet for me!


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