The Disney Effect


Good Morning and welcome to another week. Today I wanted to talk to you about the Disney effect. This might not sound like a scientific issue but I promise you it is. So, let me explain, the idea behind the Disney effect is that when we see scientific issues presented in Disney movies we’re more likely to care about the issue.

This theory came about initially from the film Bambi. The film was a huge success and it raised awareness of conservation issues. From the film, there was an increase in protected areas and hunting bans put in place.

A similar effect came from the film Finding Nemo. In this case, it was all about protecting marine areas. Again, the film was a roaring success and more people started to educate themselves about how we needed to protect “nemo” in the way of protecting his habitat. Finding Nemo also brought to light the damaging effects of fishing by showing it from the fishes eyes. Then with the films sequel Finding Dory the issue of plastics in the ocean was shown with dory herself struggling to get out of a plastic ring.

Although the Disney effect is not always the best thing. When Finding Nemo came out some people just wanted a nemo for themselves. This caused a demand for clown fish and that demand was fulfilled causing the wild population of clown fish to decline. Similar reports have come from Finding Dory with Blue Tang fish.

It provides an interesting debate. Are these films a good thing? Or does the damaging effect on certain species outweigh the good? Let me know in comments!

See you all tomorrow and just keep swimming!



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