Cornish Lass – Becoming A Master


Week 22

Hello! So this week seems to have been a long one. That could have been from a combination of factors. I spent the first half of my week working on assignments and going a little crazy for being inside so much and then I got on the longest train journey (wasn’t really, it was just very busy) to spend the easter holidays with my family.

I if you did not know come from Cornwall and in my humble opinion it is one of the best parts of England. I’m lucky that where I come from is a holiday destination because its just amazing. On Friday I got to go the beach where there was even a small area of salt marsh which I was happy to see. My garden at home I’ve actively encouraged to be a little paradise for nature and I was so happy to see tadpoles in the pond and bees in the trees.

And unfortunately that’s all I really have to say with this week. I thought it was important to give myself a little bit of time off from working this weekend, but here I am at 8am on a Sunday about to do some more work on my assignments! Alas deadlines are coming soon and then these posts will get much more exciting again I promise!

ThatBiologist Everywhere!





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