Am I Mad or a Genius?!


Hello and a very Happy April to you!

The question I pose to you today is am I mad or a genius? Answer honestly, I won’t mind.

I ask the question because this month I will be attempting BEDA. That is Blog Every Day In April! 30 blogs from me to you! Yeah I’ve gone mad for sure!

I have a plan though, this month will have some sort of order to it and that is the following:

Miscellaneous Mondays! – This could be absolutely anything! It could be a 6 in 60 it could be an interview it could be me taking down a celebrity.

Conservation Conversation Tuesdays! – I have four wonderful podcasts to share with you over the next month with different people on their views on conservation, can’t wait to share them with you!

Poison Collection Wednesdays! – I’m bringing it back, it’s been well over a year since I last wrote for my series The Poisons Collection but this month there will be four coming your way every Wednesday!

Spotlight Thursdays! – It might be a plant, a species, a person, a country who knows! Either way I’ll be casting a spotlight on them! (This will also be where the monthly species comes in)

Fairyology Fridays! – It’s one of my favourite series to write and apparently your favourite series to read so look forward to me unpacking four wonderful fairytales.

Question Saturdays! – I being a scientist am all about the questions, I’ve picked out four things I’ve wondered about the world and I’ve found the answers!

BAM Sundays! – I couldn’t not keep you updated with whats going on with my masters degree so as per usual BAM will be here every Sunday!

I’m really excited for this month of blogging like a crazy person and I’ll hope you really enjoy it!

Wish me all the luck, I’m going to need it!



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