Becoming A Master – Blink and You’ll Miss It


Week 16

Hello! I’m now on my last half term of teaching, how the hell did that happen! My masters degree seems to have flown by. I still have another 7 months left technically but the teaching part will be finished in just over a month. I’m super busy at the moment (as always) with starting the assignments for this semester, writing here, preparing for a special month here in april, writing for the woodland trust and I’ve started working towards my dissertation.  That and all the other things a human has to do like doing the dishes. It remains to be a fierce balancing act but I’m loving every second of this. I just kinda wish it would slow down a little! But enough of that lets talk about what I’ve been doing this week!

On Monday I was in my biological indicators class drawing and counting ostracods. Identifying these little buggers has been the trickiest thing in this class, imagine trying to see the differences between one baked bean and another baked bean and you’re about there. On Tuesday I was in my GIS class doing some analysis work – more about that another time I think but it is so cool! On Wednesday I was in my marine class looking marine protected area governance, which is a complicated and tricky topic but again I’ll talk about that this time next week. On Thursday I was in my non biological indicators looking at ocean circulation and different methods to recreate the past. On friday I was back in the lab doing the same as Monday!

Phew I know I didn’t go into much detail so this might be a bit of boring post but I’m busy running from one meeting to a class. There’s exciting things coming I promise!


ThatBiologist Everywhere!





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