When You Go Down To The Woods Today…



So today will be a quick blog post but I really wanted to update everyone on some really exciting work I’ve been doing.

I knew when I was doing my masters degree that I wanted to take on some volunteer work as well. It took a little bit of finding because my schedule wouldn’t allow me to go some where more than a day a week at most. But in November of last year a position as a volunteer content writer with the woodland trust came about. It was just the perfect position for me and I truly believe that what the woodland trust too is incredible. And! They offered me the position!!!! So I’m now writing blog posts for them once a month. I’d strongly recommend having a look at their blog anyway because its insightful and easy to read! I’m also working on another project with them.

So here is the link to my first blog post with them!


If you’d like to see more of my woodland trust blogs you can follow me on there website or I’ll be sure to update my About Laura page with them.

ThatBiologist Everywhere!





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