Becoming A Master – Conservation 2037


Week 14

This week I got to do something so unbelievably cool that I’m not really sure it even happened. I went to the Conservation 2037 event which is a gathering of the top 5 masters degrees in conservation. (to be honest I can’t even really believe I’m classed as being in that group!). This involved the university’s of Oxford and Cambridge, University College London and Imperial College London. The aim of the day was to discuss the future of conservation in the next twenty years.

It was held at the Linnean society of London named after the one and only Carl Linnaeus. I walked into the meeting room which just so happened to be where Darwin and Wallace presented their theory of evolution and the origin of species for the first time! There we had some empowering talks from doctors and professors from our universities. I was truly empowered by Ruth Davies who told us to be more ambitious with our careers and that we (the students) were the future leaders of conservation. I felt like it was such an important statement because I know I have doubted my ability in this field and I have no reason to!

Then we were split into mixed groups and we got to speak to each other about what we thought the future of conservation needed. I must say the people in my group were all intelligent and lovely. I loved sharing my ideas and someone even asked if I had seen myself getting into policy. If any of you in my group are happening to read this well it was a pleasure to meet you. I can’t wait to see you all succeed in your careers.

Then the last session of the day involved the CEOs of the top conservation organisations. Two of which are part of the alumni for my course which is truly remarkable. Once again we got to hear about their views on what needs to be changed moving forward and once again I felt so empowered to go out there and make change happen.

So after hearing so many views this is what I want for conservation in 2037.

I want it to be a necessity not a luxury. I want the importance of nature to be instilled in children from a young age and for that to continue throughout there education. I feel like conservation in the next twenty years needs to do a better job of becoming inter disciplinary. Not just with other sciences but with the arts as well. I also want in my career to make change by using small initiatives that gets the world on board. After all I truly believe what ghandi said. We must be the change we wish to see in the world.

So I hope you’re ready for me world. I’m coming to get you and I have an army of conservationists with me!


ThatBiologist Everywhere!



Instagram – The pictures of this day you’ll be able to see here


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