2017 Plans


Hello! Hope you all had a wonderful christmas break! Today I want to talk to you about all my exciting goals for this year.

This year I will *fingers crossed* be finishing my masters degree, obviously I’ll be writing all about it over on the BAM series. I want to make a real effort of documenting particularly the process of my dissertation. Dissertation are hard work that require pretty much all that you’ve got so I want to write all about that work and the results I get.

Other series like my mini wikis and fairyology will still be here! I want to create a really great collection for both of these series. However the Monthly Scientist has now finished and is being replaced by the Monthly Species. With this series I want to try and find some really weird and wonderful species to tell you about! There will be some brand new series coming out. My main goal for this year is to introduce you to some of the wonderful work in conservation because there is so much going on to make this world better!

The other goal I have for this year is to make a few more videos. They won’t be as regular as my blogs but it would be great to express my love for Biology in a different format. If you have any suggestions for things youd like to see or hear from me the best way is to drop me a tweet @thatbiologist!

Here’s to a great year of documenting biology!

ThatBiologist Everywhere!





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