Becoming A Master – Colds and Mating Rituals


Week 11

Hello, wow this week has flown by, unfortunately I’ve developed a cold so it hasn’t been the most interesting week to write about. In terms of what I’ve actually been doing for my masters is working on my presentation for a project next week and working on my assignments. Saying that I haven’t been getting very far because its so hard to work with a cold! So for this blog I was inspired by something really weird but I promise it circles back to biology.

I was on a little trundle train from Worthing to Brighton and lots of people were on their way out for a Saturday night in Brighton. So there was this girl trying to impress a guy with her knowledge of eye colour and how his eyes became to be how bright they were. I won’t tell you what she actually said mostly because it was all very wrong and quite sweary. Nevertheless it got me thinking about mating rituals and in the animal kingdom there are some really weird ones. So here are my three favourites!

Number 1: Birds of Paradise

The male birds of paradise have some seriously funky feathers. When they find a female they show off their feathers in a dramatic dance. This shows the females how healthy they are because the healthier bird the more vibrant their feathers are. A funny fact is that this skill is not innate and they have to practice!


Number 2: Flatworms

Flatworms are actually hemaphrodites however the females have to take care of the babys created. So when a flatworm meets another they fight to be the male partner. How do they do this I hear you ask, well they both whip out their penis and get into a strange fight. The winner is whoever inseminates the other first!

Number 3: Prairie Voles

Prairie Voles are part of the select group of monogamous animals and its been shown that if their partner is feeling stressed they give them the equivalent of vole kisses. They also spend up to 60% of their time together.

Image result for prairie vole couple

Now thats given me all the warm fuzzies! Have a great week everyone!

ThatBiologist Everywhere!




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