Becoming A Master: Time Flies

BAM, Not Exactly Science

Week 9

I cannot believe how fast this term is flying by. This week has been crazy busy, it feels like its been busier than usual. I’ve had a meeting with my personal tutor, lectures galore, stats galore and a group meeting for my project! Now as you are reading this I’m in Germany! Madness and its likely to stay this way right up until Christmas as I have 4 assignments due between now and then.

Coping with a lot to do can be an interesting task. I know that for a lot of my friends in academia this is a busy time of year before we all power down for “a long winters nap”. So to remind myself and also to remind my very busy friends out there here is my three top tips of how to cope.

Number 1: To Do Lists Are Your Friends

I am a huge believer of the to do list. I try to have one for the week but I tend to write them daily too. Keeps you going and helps things from getting lost.

Number 2: Drink WATER!

And lots of it. Its easy to forget to do but your body needs it! I wrote a blog a long time ago about how important and amazing water is. So if you need a refresher its here.

Number 3: Schedule in Breaks!

You need to rest. You cannot keep going at a million miles an hour forever but if you’re like me and feel guilty when you do rest this is my trick. By scheduling in breaks you know that you’ve given yourself time to do the work you need to do.

Sorry this blog has been so short. It’s been a completely crazy week. Next week however I’m going to an evening to learn more about insects so I’ll be sure to report how that goes!

Take care!

ThatBiologist Everywhere!





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