Becoming A Master – Sunny Days


Week 7

Hello, this week has been a strange one, I’ve been on reading week so I’ve been working from home a lot writing essays, so unfortunately the most exciting update. So instead I thought I’d write about what I’ve been up to today! This morning I went to Kew Gardens.

One of the benefits of living in London is being so close to Kew. If you don’t know what Kew is firstly where have you been and secondly its the royal botanical gardens in London. It houses so many plants and is part of the millennium seed bank project. I went today with my parents and we barely went round a third of it due to time constraints but wow! It houses plants from all over the world and everything from cacti to palms to trees. I’m quite the botany junkie so I was on cloud nine particularly looking at the carnivorous plants. Instead of chatting about it I’ll just put some pictures of this beautiful place below. If you’re in London it is definitely worth a visit!


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