Becoming A Master – Write Faster Dammit!


Week 6

Hello! Hope you’ve had a great week with whatever you’ve been up to. I am now 6 weeks into my grand quest of becoming a master of science. I’ve got into the rhythm of things now and I’ll say this next bit quietly, I think I know my way around London.

This week I’ve started on my first essay for my course. Now writing is a big part of my life and has been for a very long time. However writing essays is a little bit different than writing my blog so I thought I’d give you my tips on how to write a scientific essay.

Number 1 – Start Early

If you have a deadline make sure you start as early as you can. It eliminates the 3am writing stress when you’re deadline is at 12pm that day. (We’ve all been there). It also means you can leave your essay for a while and come back to edit it with a fresh mind.

Number 2 – Have a plan!

All my essays start out as a long list of bullet points of everything I want to cover. It helps me to plan the story I’m telling and it keeps me from disappearing up some random tangent.

Number 3 – Snacks

Have your favourite snacks whilst writing, try to keep them healthy but yknow one oreo is not going to kill you. I swear by this one simply because it keeps me happy and then that keeps me going with my essay.

Number 4 – Find your happy place.

This one is personal to everyone but its important to find the space where you find you write well and concentrate the best. Some love librarys, others like to be alone in their room. Either way make sure you’re not going to get distracted. My personal preference is somewhere with space but that’s not my room otherwise I’ll switch into Netflix mode.

Number 5 – Leave time to edit

It really is important to have time to read over and edit your essay when you finish. What you think you’ve written down and whats actually on the screen can be different. This is also the perfect time to check your references if you need too. Just whatever you do make sure it makes sense!

Hope all this helps and happy writing. Let me know if you have deadlines coming up and we can freak out together.

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