Becoming A Master – In the beginning


Welcome to my new series Becoming A Master! This series (which I’ll shorten to BAM) is all about my journey through my masters degree. I want to share what its like week to week studying a masters degree in Conservation and I want to share all the new science I’m learning with you guys. I have no idea how this series will work out and thats so exciting, most of my blogs I write a couple weeks in advance but this series will be as live as I can. These will be coming to you every Sunday!

Week 1.

Y’know what I just said about these coming on a Sunday… well I know this post is coming out on Sunday but I’m currently writing this on the Thursday. It’s all I’m going to be able to cover for the moment as tomorrow I’m off to Norfolk on my first field course! I’m so excited to be back out in the field and you guys can all read about it next week. Anyway back on to what I’ve been up to.
Well as in the start of most courses this week has mostly been about admin. A lot of safety and generally trying to negotiate my way around my new building. UCL itself is a far bigger university than my university for my undergrad. Luckily I’m spending most of my time in the geography department.
It’s also been a lot of meeting new people which has been great so many different scientists with all sorts of different backgrounds and things to share and discuss.
I wish I could tell you some more scientific stuff in this blog entry but I really don’t think you’re going to want to hear a chat about plagiarism, although important it’s not the most interesting stuff.
So I will leave this entry here and I can’t wait to tell you all about my first field course!
Til next time!
Happy Biologying!

Edit: I know this is a late blog mostly because my signal in Norfolk is awful but here is my view currently.

ThatBiologist Everywhere!



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