Mini Wiki 6c: More and More Organelles

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I introduce you to the last section on organelles (well for the minute anyway). Let’s look at some more organelles you can find:


Vacuoles are large organelles found in the centre of plant cells. They have a lot of different functions including storage of nutrients and detoxification. The main function is turgor pressure control, this is another function to keep the structure of the cell maintained.

Image result for vacuole


Lysosomes are like the recycling centres of cells. They are membrane bound organelles containing enzymes. These enzymes recycle the cells organic material like nucleic acids and macromolecules.

Image result for lysosome labelled diagram


These organelles are found in animal cells and not in plant cells. They’re cylindrical structures, formed of multiple microtubules. They are used when a cell divides (next mini wikis topic in case you were wondering) and are located close to the nucleus.

Centrioles - Credit: Stocktrek Images/Getty Images

Cell Wall

Cell walls are found only in plant cells, they are a hard rigid layer found outside of the cell membrane. They are made of primarily cellulose and are semi permeable to allow exchanges between cells. Mainly they provide support and protection for the cells.

Image result for cell wall diagram


These are like lysosomes, they are membrane bound organelles that contain enzymes. Peroxisomes help to detoxify alcohol, form bile acid, and break down fats.

Image result for peroxisome diagram


Finishing on a great one here, the chloroplast! These are only found in plant cells, they are responsible for photosynthesis. They have a complex internal structure which allows for photosynthesis to take place. They are also double membrane bound. They are where you can find the mystical pigment chlorophyll (another thing essential to photosynthesis). #

Image result for chloroplast

Hope you’ve enjoyed the final part on organelles. I know this has been a brief overview and we will be coming back to some of the main ones to look into more detail. Til next time!

Happy Biologying


Bailey, R.. (2016). Organelles. Available: Last accessed 27th Jul 2016.

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