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I hope you’ve thoroughly enjoyed this week of shark related blogs, I’ve loved writing them! Today we’re looking at what we can do to help the sharks out and whats currently being done.

Shark Conservation

Unlike other species we can’t take sharks out of the ocean and put them into captive breeding programmes. The sharks just don’t survive so all the shark conservation has to be done out in the ocean. However there is lots being done to help out our shark friends.

Legislation – By far this is the biggest way we can help the sharks. Using the law we can protect the waters they swim in as well as making it illegal to catch them for sport. This is also the best way we can stop sharks being caught and used for food as well as beauty products. The only issue with this is that often legislation has loop holes but it has been shown to help!

Ecotourism – Sharks still have a pretty bad rep, mostly thanks to the film and tv industry. Now if you’ve been reading this weeks blogs you know that this is simply not true. Well ecotourism is also a great way to do the same! If sharks have a better reputation then we can get more voices putting pressure on their governments to protect them! As well as this often ecotourism ventures will put some of the money back into more shark conservation efforts.

Knowledge – By learning more about sharks we know how to help them better. This can be done by putting more money into research. There are lots of studies going on worldwide tagging lots of different species of shark and tracking them.

How can you help?

You don’t have to be a marine biologist or conservationist to help out the sharks. There are things you can do right now to help them even if you live no where near the ocean!

  1. First things first, don’t eat shark! It’s not only bad for the shark if you eat them but it’s also bad for you. Shark meat has really high levels of mercury in it. Eating a lot of mercury can lead to damage to your vital organs and immune system.
  2. Keep shark out of your beauty products. If they contain the ingredient Squalene that is shark liver oil.
  3. Don’t buy shark products! Leave their teeth where they should be.
  4. Don’t support businesses that use sharks. Like restaurants that serve it or beauty companies that use the oils.
  5. Be aware of where your seafood comes from. Sharks often get caught up in nets and die needlessly. So look on the packet for dolphin and shark friendly seafood!
  6. Keep informed, the more you know about sharks the better and then share what you know to get more people on the shark train!

I’ve really loved writing about my favourite group of species. Shark conservation is so important to me because I want to keep all the sharks around for more people to see. They are a huge part in the marine ecosystem and must be protected. Back to normal programming next week!

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