Top 5 Shark Movies

The Shark Tank

Happy Saturday Biologists! As you might’ve gathered by this weeks blogs I love sharks! Lucky for me there are a fair few movies about sharks, so I’ve put together my top 5 shark movies for you all. Now some of these are god awful and have nothing to do with any science whatsoever but I love them for that reason, others are just stunning and are on my must watch list. Enjoy!

the shark tank

Number 5: Open Water

This one is brilliant, open water, scuba divers being left behind, what more could you want!

Number 4: Shark Tale

Ha! Bet you didn’t think this would be on this list! But it has shark in the title and involves (all be it cartoon) sharks! It’s just a sheer delight of a film and doesn’t depict sharks in a totally evil light which I appreciate given the rest of this list. So if you want a light hearted and funny film this is where I would be going.

Number 3: Shark

This documentary produced by the BBC was what inspired me to write this weeks blog posts. It has to be one of the best programmes I’ve seen depicting the wide variety of sharks. It emphasises on how different one shark can be from another and if you’re interested in sharks you should watch this. P.S It’s on Netflix!

Number 2: Deep Blue Sea

This to me is just a classic, probably one of the first shark movies I ever watched and remains one of the best. It also has an amazing lesson, don’t mess with sharks. For those who don’t know the film is about a research project where they test on the sharks brains, admittedly looking for a cure to Alzheimer’s. Then the sharks fight back. All goes a bit tits up after that but it’s just a brilliant film!

Number 1: Jaws

It’s the original shark movie and remains one of the best! It also created the ultimate shark theme tune, and ya know what the sequels aren’t that bad either! So here’s a little trailer below for you:

Hope I’ve given you some inspiration for your Saturday night movie! See you all tomorrow!

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