6 in 60: Number 46 – Sharks

6in60, The Shark Tank

the shark tank

Hello! Welcome to Day 2 of The Shark Tank, hopefully this one will give you some basics on sharks!

  1. There are over 400 species of shark from the 8-inch-long dwarf lanternshark to the 40-foot-long whale shark.
  2. Sharks are carnivorous and eat fish (including other sharks) as well as larger animals such as seals.
  3. Shark populations around the world are in rapid decline. Sharks grow relatively slowly, take many years to mature and produce relatively few young. These characteristics make sharks, like this porbeagle, particularly vulnerable to over-exploitation.
  4. The average shark lives to be 25 years old, but some can get as old as 100! They live so long because their chances of contracting a disease are low. Their skeleton is made up entirely of cartilage, which drastically lowers the likelihood of developing a tumor and strengthens their immunity.
  5. Unlike humans, whose upper jaw is a fixed part of the skull, a shark can dislocate and protrude its upper jaw to help it grab and hang onto prey.
  6. Sharks are especially susceptible to the moon’s control of ocean tides. The phase of the moon can affect sharks’ eating habits and draw them closer to shore


Just two sources today, the first three come from the WWF. The last three come from shark guardian.

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