The Monthly Scientist: Mr July

The Monthly Scientist

This month in the 6 in 60 series we’ve been talking all about the wonderful world of bacteria, catch up here if you’ve missed any. Therefore I thought it was only right to give this man the monthly scientist.

Dr Theodor Escherich


Born: 29 November 1857

Died: 15 February 1911

Noted for: Discovering the E Coli bacteria.

Why scientist of the month?

Escherich was a German-Austrian paediatrician and he believed that some of the illnesses that the children he treated were suffering from came from bacteria. From there he began to research the bacteria growing inside the human colon and there he found E. Coli. Although he first called it “bacterium coli commune”, his discovery in 1885 led to more discoveries in the world of microbiology. He also linked his discovery to gastroenteritis and infant diarrhoea. This was incredibly important in the world of public health. From this discovery and the work of other microbiologists antibiotics have been created and there is now a better understanding of how important bacteria really are.

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