6 in 60: Number 43 – E Coli


Another Tuesday, another bug! This ones pretty famous but here’s 6 things to know about E. Coli.

  1. Escherichia coli is a rod-shaped bacterium. Each bacterium measures approximately 0.5 μm in width by 2 μm in length.
  2. E. coli cells stain Gram negative because they have a thin cell wall with only 1 to 2 layers of peptidoglycan.
  3. E. coli common in human and animal intestines, and forms part of the normal gut flora.
  4. E. coli bacteria are a common cause of cystitis, an infection of the bladder that occurs when there is a spread of the bacteria from the gut to the urinary system.
  5. Humans acquire E. coli infection by consuming contaminated food or water. Following an incubation period of about 3–4 days, a variety of gastrointestinal symptoms appear, ranging from mild to severe bloody diarrhoea, mostly without fever.
  6. Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC) is a group of pathogenic Escherichia coli strains capable of producing Shiga toxins, with the potential to cause severe enteric and systemic disease in humans.


The Sources

The first two facts come from ecowiki. The third and fourth fact comes from the nhs page on e coli. The last two comes from the e coli page from the european centre for disease control.

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