The Monthly Scientist: Mr May

The Monthly Scientist

This month I’ve been binge watching blue planet, one of my favourite environment documentary’s so of course this months scientist goes to none other than:

Sir David Frederick Attenborough


Born: 8 May 1926 (age 90) in Isleworth, London.

Noted for: Being a broadcaster and naturalist. Also for having one of the best voices of all human kind.

Why scientist of the month?

Aside from being one of my biggest inspirations to become a scientist, he also got so many people around the world taking an interest about what’s going on outside his front door. He has received so many awards that his current full title is Sir David Attenborough OM CH CVO CBE FRS FSA. He also has 32 honorary degrees from British Universities. I can only aspire to have that many letters after my name!

He first became the voice of nature documentary’s in 1952 with the three part series Animal Patterns, he then went on to present a show called Zoo Quest which featured the animals at London Zoo. Perhaps his biggest credit is the Life series, an entire collection of the stories of Life across earth. The series started with “Life On Earth” in 1979 and finished (well so far, although Attenborough has said the series has concluded) with “Life in Cold Blood” in 2008. Although his series Blue Planet in 2001 remains to be my favourite closely followed by the Hunt in 2015.

He has been a huge influence on the general public by showing them the wonders of the natural world. As well as being a huge advocate for things that can’t speak for themselves so let me finish with his closing message from State of the Planet in 2002.

“The future of life on earth depends on our ability to take action. Many individuals are doing what they can, but real success can only come if there’s a change in our societies and our economics and in our politics. I’ve been lucky in my lifetime to see some of the greatest spectacles that the natural world has to offer. Surely we have a responsibility to leave for future generations a planet that is healthy, inhabitable by all species.”

ThatBiologist Everywhere!




*NOTE* Well done for reading this far if you have! Just to let you know that I’m off on holiday for the next two weeks, so I’ll be back writing on the 14th of June. Happy Biologying!


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