6 in 60: Number 34 – Vaccines


A few weeks a go I wrote a post called “An offer you can’t refuse” and it was all about vaccinations I thought ThatBiologist needed a little more info on vaccinations in its repertoire so let’s go:

  1. Vaccinations work by exposing the body to a damaged version of the disease, the body then creates antibodies to fight that version so if the body experiences the full version of the disease it can react far faster.
  2. Immunization prevents between 2-3 million deaths every year
  3. Since 200, global measles mortality has declined by 74% and since 1988, polio cases have decreased by over 99% thanks to wider availability of vaccinations.
  4. Thanks to vaccination smallpox has been eradicated.
  5. The most common side effect of getting a vaccination is soreness at the injection site.
  6. Newborn babies are already protected against several diseases because antibodies have passed to them from their mothers via the placenta.

The Sources

Firstly here is the nhs guide to vaccination where I got the first, the fifth and sixth fact. Two and three come from the world health organisation (WHO) page on immunization. The fourth fact is again widely known but comes from the do something page on vaccination.

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