6 in 60: Number 30 – Vitamin E


Hello! So my big personal goal for this year is to get healthy. I see people talk about Vitamins all the time but I’ll be real, I didn’t know what they did! I know they’re important and part of healthy lifestyle so over this month I’m going to be learning a bit more about vitamins and hopefully you will too! Starting off with Vitamin E.

  1. The specific amount of vitamin E you need depends on your weight, age and any special health issues or concerns.
  2. Nuts, seeds, whole grains and green leafy vegetables and all foods rich in vitamin E.
  3. Vitamin E is needed for healthy functioning of a lot of the main systems, including your immune system.
  4. Vitamin E also acts as an antioxidant, which protects cell membranes
  5. Any vitamin E your body doesn’t need immediately is stored for future use
  6. Vitamin E deficiency is rare in humans. People who cannot absorb dietary fat or who have rare disorders of fat metabolism cannot absorb vitamin E.

The Sources

Facts 1 – 3 although are available widely here is the direct website I gained it from. Fact 4 and 5 comes from the nhs page on Vitamin E. Fact 6 comes from a page on vitamin E deficiency.

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