The Monthly Scientist: Miss February

The Monthly Scientist

Hello, yes we’re running a little late what with it being March and all. Never the less I thought I’d take the time to honour this wonderful biologist, Miss February is…

Miss Rachel Louise Carson


Born: May 27 1907

Died: April 14 1964 (aged 56)

Noted for: Being a Marine Biologist, conservationist and Author.

Why scientist of the month?

Rachel Carson is most noted for being a fantastic author, her works centred on the combination of humans and the natural world. Perhaps her most noted work (and my favourite) is Silent Spring. It asks whether humans have the right to control the natural world? A question that is still very important. The book also warned of the misuse of chemicals such as DDT to the natural world and its various cycles. So why does she get my scientist of the month? Well she was an incredibly intelligent woman and one that I aspire to be like. Unfortunately science is still a man’s game and I think its incredibly important to celebrate the female scientists and all that they have achieved. Carsons words in all of her books are just as important now as they were when she wrote them. So I shall leave this article on a quote from the woman herself.

“Through all these new, imaginative, and creative approaches to the problem of sharing our earth with other creatures there runs a constant theme, the awareness that we are dealing with life with living populations and all their pressures and counter pressures, their surges and recessions. Only by taking account of such life forces and by cautiously seeking to guide them into channels favorable to ourselves can we hope to achieve a reasonable accommodation between the insect hordes and ourselves.” – Rachel Louise Carson

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