6 in 60: Number 25 – Mighty Mangroves


Hello! Hope your week is going well, to me mangroves are totally understated. I bet some of you won’t even know what they are. So lets find out 6 facts about them!


  1. The simple definition of mangroves are a tropical tree that has roots which grow from its branches and that grows in swamps or shallow salt water.
  2. Mangroves and coral reefs have a symbiotic relationship – the reef protects the coast where the mangroves grow from being eroded by the sea, and the forest traps sediment washed from the land that would otherwise smother the reef.
  3. They are important nursery areas for many species of fish.
  4. There are about 80 different species of mangrove trees.
  5. All aerial tree roots have on their surface, special tiny pores to take in air (lenticels). Only air can get through the lenticels, not water or salts. This is how the roots avoid suffocation.
  6. Mangrove forests occupy about 15.2 million hectares of tropical coast worldwide: across Africa, Australia, Asia and America

The sources

Number 1 comes from this definition. The second and third points come from the BBC Nature page. The fourth comment comes from the NOAA. The fifth and sixth points come from Wetlands international.

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