6 in 60: Number 24 – Gentle Giants


Hello, this week we’re continuing on our ocean theme and looking at 6 facts regarding the biggest things in our oceans. The blue whale!! Let’s go!

  1. The blue whale are an average of 100 metres long and upwards of 200 tuns.
  2. When a blue whale exhales, the spray from its blowhole can reach nearly 9 metres into the air.
  3. Scientists have discovered that by counting the layers of a deceased whale’s waxlike earplugs, they can get a close estimate of the animal’s age. The oldest blue whale found using this method was determined to be around 110 years old. Average lifespan is estimated at around 80 to 90 years.
  4. Blue whales are pregnant for 10-12 months
  5. Blue whales reach maturity at 10-15 years.
  6. The whales can cruise the ocean at over 8km/h, and can reach speeds of over 30km/h.

Next week is the last of the ocean 6 in 60 series, going to be regarding the mighty Mangroves!

The Sources

The first three facts come from the national geographic. Fact 4 and 5 comes from the wdc. The last fact comes from one kind.

ThatBiologist Everywhere!




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