The Monthly Scientist: Mr January

The Monthly Scientist

Hello! Yes I know another new series! This one I’m so excited about, this is going to be a monthly profile of a scientist that I think deserves a little more recognition. Starting off with Mr Lionel Walter Rothschild or Mr January!

MR Lionel Walter Rothschild


Born: 8 February 1868 

Died: 27 August 1937

Noted for: Being a Banker, Policition for Aylesbury and a Zoologist

Why scientist of the month?

Berlin_Tierpark_Friedrichsfelde_12-2015_img08_Rothschild_giraffe.jpgIf you go to the Tring Natural History Museum you are walking into Rothschilds 21st birthday present. He was a great collector and at its largest his collection included 300,000 bird skins, 200,000 birds’ eggs, 2,250,000 butterflies, and 30,000 beetles, as well as thousands of specimens of mammals, reptiles, and fishes. They formed the largest zoological collection ever amassed by a private individual. Due to this he has many species named after him including that of the Rothschild Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi).

Alongside his huge collection he also managed to train some zebras to pull a carriage. Now that would be a way to get to work! Following his death the museum and his collection were gifted to the UK and became part of the Natural History Museum.

Also he rode a giant tortoise once and if that can’t get you Scientist of the month then I’m not sure what can!


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