6 in 60 – Number 20: Nothing but Trees


Hello! I turn 22 tomorrow so I thought that clearly the best way to celebrate would be to find out some interesting facts about trees and write them down for you! Is there anything more entertaining!

  1. The biggest tree in the world is called General Sherman. Being 83.8 metres tall and having a girth of 79 ft. baseofgiantsequoia_pakenham.jpg
  2. The biggest trees in the world (including sherman) are giant redwood trees or by the scientific name Sequoiadendron giganteum. 
  3. The oldest trees to be found are Great Basin bristlecone pine or Pinus longaeva which have been dated to be up to 5000 years old.
  4. The Taiga forest consists of almost one-third of all the trees in the world.
  5. Although no traditional trees grow underwater there are kelp forests which can grow up to 18 inches a day.
  6. Mangrove trees are specially adapted to be able to survive in waterlogged soil and brackish water.

P.S sorry about the lack of posts from last week – was very poorly but I’m back now!

The Sources

The first two come from monumental trees. Great site for the biggest trees around. The third I spent a while searching around for because I wasn’t sure of my sources but here is the link for the livescience page. The fourth comes from the Taiga biological station. More information on kelp forests. More information on mangroves.

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