The 2015 Business Meeting


Hello everyone and welcome to the 2015 business meeting. Hope you all brought pens and paper and tea, coffee and cake will be at the end. Okay I’m only kidding but before I leave on my Christmas break I wanted to reflect on ThatBiologist this year!

I technically started this blog in December 2014 with my post Welcomes and Introductions. And although I did start my 6 in 60 series in January, my studies and third year research really did take over for the bulk of this year but I graduated with a 2:1 in Biology in July and a first in my dissertation piece. So things really picked up here in September with a regular schedule. It does make me really happy writing about topics that I love to write about two/ three times a week.

So down to the numbers. Although they don’t mean all that much to me it is nice to know that someone reads my blog posts. So far I’ve had 190 visitors to my place on the internet with 478 views this year! Thats crazy when I think about how much of the internet takes our attention away *cough cough* social media. But then speaking of social media, this year I started a facebook page and a twitter for ThatBiologist.

So on to the favourites! I got the most views this year on my post “A short history of Poison Hemlock” which sparked off the rest of a very fun series The Poisons Collection. But in terms of my favourites well here are my top 3.

My top spot goes to Harry Potter and the Kingdom of Plants – considering this was the second favourite in terms of views this year I’m glad you all liked it too! I loved writing my presentation at university and I’m so glad I got to include it here!


My second favourite is a piece that didn’t really get much attention views wise but like I said the numbers don’t mean that much to me, just as long as I’m writing content that makes me happy and thats the Fish With A Lung. I thought it’s such an interesting creature and I’m really happy with the way this blog came out.


My third favourite was from the poisons collection series. It was about the plant lily of the valley and was entitled The Poisons Collection: What do Breaking Bad, Christianity and Wills n Kate have in common?. I love writing about popular culture when it collides with the scientific world and this one was such a fun piece to write.


My hopes for the future are just to build up a following for my writing and build the community of That Biologist. I’d like to run some competitions next year and get some guest writers on here. As well as producing new series for me to write.

Thank you for hearing me ramble on about my blog. I hope you all have a lovely holiday.




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